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Welcome to our digital home! Step right in and enjoy the writing, news and ideas that we have to offer.
This website is home for John D'Mille and his associates, novelists and writers. There are two names to which the content is attributable; firstly, John D'Mille, and secondly, Bede Donnelly.
We are creating a writers' guild and will explain our progress as it develops.
The authors are introduced on our next page. It is our intention to invite other writers to join us from time to time. We will also offer a facility to other writers to promote their work on a dedicated webpage. Conditions will apply. For further information, please contact John D'Mille at


OvadaAU derives its name from Ovada a beautiful Italian mountain village. The locality has a strong family association for author John D'Mille. So said the plaque on front of our family home in Berthong, Australia.

Why AU? 'AU' is Italian for Australia. We just brought it here!

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